DinnerWell With Me

Hi I am Suree, back in college about a decade ago, we have a task where we need to come out a concept of a web tool for our mid term assignment.

I have this problem where I always have a single food left in the fridge and I don’t know what to cook with it and chuck it away when it is not edible anymore.

Thats a lot of wasted food and money for doing that!

Then I have this lightbulb moment to create a tool where I can search recipes by ingredient.

You get to save money, reduce food waste and explore recipes that you never know exist just by enter a single or multiple ingredient you have in the fridge!

Initial concept before DinnerWell

Even though I have the concept for this tool, I got no idea how to execute the backend to make this tool come to function as I got zero clue on how to code back then.

Fast forward a decade later, I am still having the same problem. With a bit of self learn coding since I graduated, I manage to figure out a way to make this tool come to function and name it as DinnerWell.

Even though it is not a the best version yet, I am happy to share with you and use this for free.

I hope you find DinnerWell useful as I do!

Happy Cooking,