Steak Temperature Chart (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done)

steak doneness temperature chart

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Planing to cook that premium steak that you got straight from the butcher?

Take your steak game to the next level with this steak doneness temperatures chart.

From rare to well done, our temperature chart will help you achieve the perfect level of cook on your next steak for this coming Christmas, Valentines Day or you just want to cook something nice for your love one.

Say goodbye to undercooked or overcooked steaks and hello to perfectly cooked, juicy meats every time.

This apply to every method of steak cooking such as roast, on a pan, grill, smoke, fry (Does anyone fry their steak?)


Fahrenheit : 120-130 °F internal temperature

Celcius : 48°C – 55°C internal temperature

Medium Rare

Fahrenheit : 130-135 °F internal temperature

Celcius : 55°C – 57°C internal temperature


Fahrenheit : 135-145 °F internal temperature

Celcius : 57°C – 63°C internal temperature

Medium Well

Fahrenheit : 145-155 °F internal temperature

Celcius : 63°C – 66°C internal temperature

Well Done

Fahrenheit : 155-165 °F internal temperature

Celcius : 66°C – 71°C internal temperature

End Note

I hope this guide to steak doneness temperatures has helped you elevate your steak cooking game.

Remember to always use a meat thermometer and refer to this chart for the perfect steak.

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